Why Ecuador? Why Oil?


One of the biggest issues facing the health of the environment and all species on earth is our dependence on oil. This reliance on oil has led us to sacrifice our planet’s biodiversity and indigenous peoples for the love of industry and economic expansion. Over the past few weeks, numerous oil leaks, spills, and contaminations have happened across the globe. According to an npr.org statistic, there is an average of 280 oil spills every year, with 3.5 million gallons of oil leaked from the pipelines. These oil blunders contaminate waterways, pollute the soil, and contribute toxins and carcinogens into the environment.

This past week, Ecuador’s second largest oil pipeline burst leaking 250,000 gallons of oil into the earth. People have asked the virabrations project., numerous times, why focus on Ecuador when there are problems all over the world, including those in regards to oil.

There are a multitude of causes that the virabrations project. could have chosen to put their efforts towards with the goal of making progressive and positive change. the virabrations project. decided to focus on Ecuador this year because oil dependency is an increasingly important topic. A topic that affects Ecuador, the Amazon Rainforest, and the entire world. Oil spills and the destruction that the extraction of oil causes are harming the environment and all of the species who live on this planet. It is time that we find alternative ways to fuel our consumption. Ways that do not impede on human and environmental rights. the virabrations project. is taking a stand against oil dependency and overconsumption with this cause in Ecuador.

Indigenous rights are also an imperative topic, all over this world, as more and more indigenous become extinct, displaced, and harmed from the inequality that persists from people who feel the need to impose capitalistic ideas on native peoples. the virabrations project is taking a stand for equal rights for indigenous people of world, with our focus on Ecuador.

The picture below shows the oil disasters that have taken place in the last few weeks. As you may have noticed, little media coverage has been devoted to these travesties. Join the virabrations project in supporting the awareness of our dependency on oil.

Blog picture of lots of oil spills

1. ExxonMobil’s Pegasus Pipeline leak in Mayflower, Arkansas (March 29)
2. Enbridge’s Norman Wells Pipeline leak in the Northwest Territories (4th leak discovered March 30)
3. Suncor, Alberta Tar Sands leaking into the Athabasca River (March 25)
4. Lansing Board of Water & Light leaking in the Lansing Grand River in Michigan (early April, date not confirmed)
5. Canadian Pacific Rail train derailment in western Minnesota (March 27)
6. Canadian Pacific Rail train derailment in northwestern Ontario (April 3)
7. Shell Pipeline leak in West Columbia, Texas (March 29)
8. DCP Midstream natural gas compressor explosion in Guthrie Oklahoma (April 4)
9. ExxonMobil chemical leak at Chalmette refinery in LOUISIANA (April 3) (apologies for the mistake in the pic)
10. S&S Energy oil tanker and gas well explode in Damascus Ohio (April 4)

– 250,000 gallon leak in Equador on April 8
– On-going oil leak in Parachute, CO
– Chevron diesel spill into Willard Bay, Northern Utah (March 18)
– unconfirmed report of spill at Pembina Gorge in North Dakota
– Train derailment in Winn, Maine (March 7) (reported that no oil spilled)
– Weatherford International spill in Alaska North Slope (April 9)
– Bonanza Creek Energy spill outside Greeley, CO
– Chevron pipeline leak in Willard Bay State Park, Utah (late March)
Suncor Energy leak in Port Moody, B.C.(April 7)

Picture and explanation courtesy of Occupy Santa Fe’s Facebook.


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