Off the Mat, Into the Worlds 2013 Global Seva Challenge brought itself forward as friends and roommates, Kelly and Caitlin, were inspired by the onset of a new year and the dire need to become more active in humanitarian efforts. It all started on January 21, 2013, shortly after Kelly’s epic return from the Sivananda Yoga Retreat Center where she acquired her Yoga certification. On that day, Caitlin logged on to her Facebook account and saw that she had a new message from Kelly. After reading “If we raise $40,000 for the Amazon and Ecuador…”, Caitlin was committed to the cause.

the virabrations project. was founded in 2013 by Kelly and Caitlin after deciding to take part in Off the Mat, Into the World’s 2013 Global Seva Challenge. In Sanskrit, “vira” means brave or heroic, and vibrations are something that we all emit. Through our organization, we want to learn how to tap into our brave vibrations and stand up for causes that we believe in. Our motto is promoting unifying vibrations and exemplifying warrior strength. This year, we are working in collaboration with Off the Mat, Into the World in a fundraising effort to fight for indigenous, environmental, and human rights in Ecuador. Our goals are to raise $40,000 for the 2013 Global Seva Challenge, to spread awareness about the invasion of rights of those residing in Ecuador, and to continue these efforts as we move forward in our lives, wherever they may lead us.

It was not, and won’t ever be, a question of whether we are, cooperatively, able to raise $40,000. This challenge instantly became our mission. From the second we united together on this quest, we have immersed ourselves entirely in this project as it quickly assimilated itself into our everyday existence. We invite you to join us on our journey and challenge you to exemplify your warrior strength.


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