Thank you so much for your interest in the virabrations project.’s online silent auction! We are incredibly excited to get this continuous fundraiser off the ground and know that with the support of our local community, we can make positive global changes. Virabrate!

How the Online Silent Auction Works: Talented artists and leaders, like you, will donate their handcrafted items or services (i.e. massage, Reiki, etc.) to this fundraising effort, creating a collection of unique pieces available for auction. Each item or service will have a two-week running time in which a picture of your item or service will be posted via the virabrations project.’s Facebook page. During this running time, you and your work will be highlighted on both our Facebook and blog pages, where we will be able to display a text or video blog about you and your creations. Once a picture of the item or service is posted, people will be able to “comment” on the item’s picture and post a bid during your item’s running time. At the end of the running time, the person with the highest bid will “win” your item or service. As we would like all proceeds from these silent auction items to aid in reaching our $40,000 goal, bid winners will be able to donate their payment directly to our online fundraising page via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). If the buyer is unable to pay via credit card, cash and checks are also acceptable methods of payment. After the donated payment is received, we will immediately notify the artist so the item can be shipped, picked-up, or delivered to the buyer (shipping must be paid by either the buyer or artist).

Shipping Details:
As the virabrations project. will not directly handle the items or services (only the pictures!),and as this is a charity event, the buyer and artist are responsible for determining the method of the item’s delivery. If you, as the artist, do not want to pay for the cost of shipping, please inform us so that we can include this information in the post of the item’s picture. In this case, you and the buyer will be responsible for determining how to pay for the item’s shipping (PayPal is a suggested method of payment).

Your next steps:
1) Fill out the form below. (A very important step, or your item or service will not go up for bid!)
2) Send a picture of your item or service to (Another important step so everyone can see your awesome item or get an idea of your wonderful service!)
3) the virabrations project. will let you know when your item or service is up for bid.
4) Once the auction is complete and your item or service is sold, the virabrations project. will contact you with the buyer information. You are then able to ship the item (please see shipping details, above) or perform the service.


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